When your body gets out of balance, your whole life can feel out of balance. Whether you need deep relaxation, pain relief, or help managing a chronic condition, I will tailor your massage session to your specific needs and help you restore that balance.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Embodywork is open! 

With the spread of the omicron variant and rising local case numbers, I am once again requiring that all clients wear masks while in my office, including during treatment. I will be masked as well. In the event that you arrive without a mask, I can provide you with a disposable mask for a small fee ($1).

(For more information about how COVID-19 has and has not changed my practice, please see my blog post: Bodywork in the Pandemic Age.)

Embodywork is open Monday through Friday, by appointment only.

To purchase gift certificates, or for more information, email emily@embodywork.net or call (413) 570-3623.