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When your body gets out of balance, your whole life can feel out of balance. Whether you need deep relaxation, pain relief, or help managing a chronic condition, I will tailor your massage session to your specific needs and help you restore that balance.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Embodywork is open! 

As of this writing (March 24, 2022), I am ​back to recommending but not requiring face masks for my clients.  I intend to remain masked while working for so long as COVID-19 feels like a threat; my logic is, I'm the only one in my office who sees everybody that comes in, ergo I am the potential transmission link. So long as I stay masked, that should keep all my clients safer.

Embodywork is open Monday through Friday, by appointment only.

To purchase gift certificates, or for more information, email or call (413) 570-3623.

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